Progress step by step through Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced classes to develop Bosnian conversational and cultural fluency.

ONLINE lessons

#Online Lesson

No need to get out of your house on a rainy day! All you need in order not to miss a single Bosnian language lesson is a Skype/Zoom account and good internet connection. Try our online individual lessons and you will see that learning Bosnian has never been so easy!

#Bosnian2go Flash Cards

As result of our creativity and wish to make knowledge available to everyone, we created our pocket size, customizable, lovely flash cards for all those who want to learn some Bosnian language, for need or just for fun. Due to their small size and the metallic ring which can be opened, they are extremely easy to use and carry around – they can even be attached to your jeans, purse or backpack. Our charming pocket-size flash cards are meant for those who prefer self-studying of phrases to help them get around in BCS speaking countries.

If you have a Vision We will help you to turn it into reality

Our Services

Here is a list of Benefits of Choosing Bosnian2Go

We offer well rounded language lessons and specialize in developing speaking and learning Bosnian language. Even if you’ve taken other classes in the past and failed, our simplified methods, certified teachers and authentic and interactive environment will give you the break through you need.

Native fluency teachers

Small class sizes

Affordable Lessons

Speaking practice with fluent teachers every class

Easy language learning strategies

Free trial lesson

Get Certified in Bosnian

Travel Flashcards


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