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Group courses


Our very special general course of Bosnian for beginners, to prove it is not as difficult as they say!

Learn vocabulary and phrases that will help you get by in everyday situations – from chitchatting with your neighbors to ordering food in a local restaurant.

This course teaches elementary grammar and conversation through fun exercises, including role-play settings and interacting with locals.

Chill out over coffee/tea/snack and enjoy meeting new people from all over the world while learning a new, amazing language.


Our elementary Bosnian language course focuses on conversation and is meant for students who have completed our (or any other) beginners course and want to continue learning, as well as for students who know some Bosnian because they have been exposed to it for some time, but never officially studied it.


This is our classic, and the only conversational course of BCS for foreigners in the city.

You tried learning Bosnian before, but got tired of learning grammar and not having the opportunity to apply your knowledge in real life?
If the answer is yes, this course is perfect for you!

Take a break after a long day at work and/or running after your kids! Chill out over coffee/tea/snack and enjoy meeting new people from all over the world while speaking Bosnian and learning about the local culture.


Learn how to read the local newspapers and see the world through the eyes of a Bosnian!

So you finally want to feel like part of the local community? A morning coffee and newspapers are a must in the life of every Bosnian. The format – modern or old fashion – is not important, as long as you can discuss the daily events with your friends and colleagues.

This course combines the must-know elements of vocabulary, grammar and cultural background needed to read and understand the local news. In a cozy environment we will analyze and discuss articles related to recent events of interest – from culture to business, from politics to sports (and how those two interrelate in BiH).

How to apply for a course at #Bosnian2go

Please contact us via e-mail to sign up and set the day and time for your placement test. The number of students per group is limited, so make sure to reserve your place in your desired course at #Bosnian2go ASAP!



After this course, all those different endings will no longer be mission impossible!

So, you know a lot of vocabulary, but you can never get the endings right? Your aim for this year is to finally speak Bosnian PROPERLY? When you are a grammar freak, it is not enough to just know that cases and tenses exist, you must understand them and finally get it right. Trust us, we know the feeling! That is why we have come up with the most detailed course that deals with all cases – from Nominative to Locative – as well as the main tenses – present, past and future. And no exception will be left unexplained!
Our cozy environment and fun exercises will make you wonder why you ever thought it was so difficult!


(No singing skills are needed for this course! ☺)

Can you think of a single person who doesn’t like listening to music? Who hasn’t heard of Despacito, Macarena or the Gangam Style?
Learning the most popular songs from BiH and the region and singing along with the Bosnian crowd on a night out will help you connect with the locals in a very special way and understand us better.
We have made the best selection of must-know songs, from the good old ex-yu rock to turbo-folk. What other reasons do you need to sign up for this super fun course?!


New vocabulary and perfect pronunciation; listening, repeating and memorizing some of the famous lines from the most popular Bosnian New Primitivism comedy series “Top lista nadrealista” – can you think of a better, and more fun way to learn?!


The name says it! This course combines elements from all of our courses.

So, if you cannot decide between grammar and conversation, learning songs or reading news, this all-in-one course is the right choice for you.

Online lessons

#Online Lesson

No need to get out of your house on a rainy day! All you need in order not to miss a single Bosnian language lesson is good internet connection. Try our online individual lessons and you will see that learning Bosnian has never been so easy!

#Bosnian2go Flash Cards

As result of our creativity and wish to make knowledge available to everyone, we created our pocket size, customizable, lovely flash cards for all those who want to learn some Bosnian language, for need or just for fun. Due to their small size and the metallic ring which can be opened, they are extremely easy to use and carry around – they can even be attached to your jeans, purse or backpack. Our charming pocket-size flash cards are meant for those who prefer self-studying of phrases to help them get around in BCS speaking countries.


#Bosnian2gojunior summer camps

You live abroad and you would like your children to learn Bosnian? You have just arrived to BiH and you want your kids to fit in well in their new school and make some Bosnian friends? We are bringing you a wonderful summer project, and with it a lot of fun learning and great time for your little ones! #Bosnian2gojunior is a school of the Bosnian language for children aged 6 to 18.

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