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Long story short

We have carefully selected our teachers, making sure they are the best in the field and trained to be able to make it fast, easy and fun to learn Bosnian through specialized courses of language and culture meant for different types of learners coming from any language background. Our final goal is to make our students love living in Bosnia and Herzegovina and being able to meet its culture and people by using the local language, both in personal and professional life.

Most of us have taken a high school or college language class, and yet we can barely speak the language at all. At Bosnian2Go, we simplify learning Bosnian language and teach you how to communicate in real life situations. Whether you want to make friends, improve your business opportunities, better serve your customers or patients, or make foreign travel more enjoyable, our classes will properly prepare you. Classes are taught in a simple, straightforward curriculum manner, and are led by native fluency teachers helping you progress rapidly in fun and interactive ways. We provide effective language classes and skills for real life. Don’t sit in another large classroom just taking notes. Learn to SPEAK Bosnian language today!

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Our Team

All of our teachers are trained native Bosnian language teachers, with a degree in Linguistics from the University of Sarajevo. Each of them has lots of experience in teaching Bosnian as a foreign language to students from around the world.

Azra Polimac-Bajrić

During more than ten years of teaching Bosnian as a foreign language, Azra developed a great passion and love for this amazing job and decided to establish a language school where people from all over the world will come together with the same goal – to learn the Bosnian language! Azra established #Bosnian2go in 2015 and has managed the school ever since. She takes a keen interest in the welfare of our students, marketing, and the day-to-day running of our school. Azra is also responsible for placing our students in the correct level class on their first day at the school and choosing the very best teachers for our students.
The door to Azra’s office is always open to former, current and future students.

Azra is multilingual and if you cannot communicate with her in English, try Spanish.

Along with an enthusiastic managing of the business, she finds the time for her first and biggest passion – language teaching. Her experience, dating back from 2004 she passes on selflessly to both – her students and her new colleagues. Lessons with Azra are dynamic, intense and spiced with good energy and laughter. There is no topic in the world that you cannot talk with her about.

Azra’s personality is as bright as the yellow color that she often wears, she is capable of bringing to life any creative idea – ours or her own, and she is also the perfect person to organize a good party! She is always in a good mood and her suitcase is always packed and ready for the next adventure.

Besides teaching, Azra enjoys interior design, and for that reason our school is much more than just classrooms: it is the place of creation, individualism, comfort, but also great fun.

Elna Kurtović-Šabotić
Program manager

Elna has worked at #Bosnian2go since we openned our doors in 2015, and has previously worked as a Bosnian language teacher in several language schools and some of the most prestigious universities in the country. Students love her because of her profound knowledge and understanding of the language, as well as her amazing teaching skills, result of years of working in the field. Elna loves art and enjoys talking about it in Bosnian with our advanced learners.

Besides her talent in teaching, Elna has the most amazing voice, she loves singing (and we love to listen to her doing so). Of course, she teaches our #ijustwant2sing course as well.

Zerina Nezić

Zerina is an amazing teacher who has been with us since the beginning of 2020, she has had a countless number of students from, literally, all over the world. Thanks to her friendly approach, enthusiasm, and endless creativity, students adore her.

Zerina graduated Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian language from the University in Zenica. Zerina’s lessons are fun yet productive. She is organized and reliable, eager to teach, and always ready for new challenges. Her students also love her cat whom they find amusing as he lays lazily by her side (and often messes up with the keyboard) during the lessons.

Zerina is passionate about painting, photography, Asian cinematography, and, of course, reading yet with all these hobbies she always finds time for a coffee with her colleagues.

Nalda Huseinović

Her smile makes you feel like you’ve known her for years and you know as soon as you meet her that she will be the perfect teacher – warm, patient, friendly and yet very serious and professional when it comes to work.

Nalda works with adult learners, in groups and individually, and she enjoys both settings equally.

Nalda loves music and the running comes along with it, it is something that moves her. She is multilingual, she perfectly speaks German and English, but you can communicate with her on Spanish as well. She is planning to learn Italian and Turkish. Students love to talk to her about history.

Lamija Hreljić

Lamija is one of the teachers from our #Bosnian2goJUNIOR program. Her students love her because she is energetic, always smiling and has lots of interesting games and conversation topics. When she is at the School, even though we can’t see her, we can hear hers and her students’ laughter and we just wish we were in her class too.

Apart from being a great teacher, Lamija is an amazing teammate and good friend, who loves unique jewelry, books, and dogs above all.

Sumejja Keško
Program coordinator

Sumejja has been working for #Bosnian2go since summer of 2016 and since then she has become a valuable member of our team that we cannot imagine our school without. She is in charge of large groups that #Bosnian2go teaches in cooperation with international organizations and universities, as well as individual classes. Students love Sumejja because of her imaginative classes, her flexibility and patience, as well as her ability to adapt her teaching to all types of learners, at any level. She is fun and relaxed as a pre/post-class coffee companion, yet strict as a teacher who will make you work hard in order to achieve your goals.

Sumejja loves spending time with her family and friends, her favorite color is green and she is passionate about Korean pop music and TV-shows.

The only thing that she loves almost as much as she loves teaching is kick-box so you better do your homework, every time.

Medina Žuljko

Medina graduated Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian language from the University of Sarajevo and has been teaching Bosnian as a foreign language in #Bosnian2go ever since.
Medina is warm, charismatic, and an extremely patient and organized person. She will explain in a simple way even the most complex aspects of our language. Students also love her humor and her thoughtfulness.
Medina is passionate about literature, film and arts in general and she will include these topics in her lessons whenever she gets the chance.
She speaks some Hungarian and she is learning the Turkish language.

Hana Hodžić

When it comes to languages, we can certainly say that Hana is our strongest link in the team. She speaks English, French, Spanish, German, and Chinese.

Hana’s classes are interesting and productive, and her students always say how much they appreciate all the additional materials that she prepares for them. 

Hana loves her balcony garden with organic veggies and she likes to cook, especially Chinese food. She practices yoga, rides a bike, and generally likes an ecological life in harmony with nature.

Midheta Baberović

Midheta is a vibrant member of our teaching JUNIOR&TEEN team. Currently pursuing a degree in English Language and Literature, Midheta’s love for language and learning shines through in her work with students.
Midheta has a natural affinity for working with children, particularly excelling in her interactions with young learners. Her patience, creativity, and ability to connect with children make her an exceptional educator.
Midheta also finds joy in the simple things, often seen with a smile on her face and a contagious laughter that lights up the room. She has a fondness for cactuses, succulents, and all things green, adding a touch of natural beauty to her surroundings. Additionally, her love for animals and pets reflects her compassionate nature and her ability to nurture connections beyond the classroom.

Aiša Malagić Delić
Office assistant

When Aiša first joined our already-formed team, she found her way from the very beginning and fit in very easily.

Along with Azra, Aiša will most likely be the first person you will meet when you first come to our school. She will help you get all the information about the school and our courses, and she will make sure to choose the best teacher for you.

Given that she is an office assistant, it is natural that Aiša is very organized, communicative, and optimistic. A creative spirit at heart, she finds joy in expressing herself through various artistic outlets, whether it’s painting, crafting, DIY projects, or even graphic design. This creativity also translates into her approach to problem-solving, often thinking outside the box and bringing innovative solutions to the table.


Dženana Kabulović

Dženana is one of our teachers who work with adults. Dženana says she loves her job because she enjoys seeing her students have an “Aha!” moment while learning Bosnian. Also, this job has allowed her to meet new people from all over the world, and learn more about other cultures and countries. Her students always describe her as extremely patient and understanding. In her free time, Dženana enjoys reading, listening to music, and scrapbooking, but she values the quality time she spends with her family and friends the most.

Melina Dahija

Melina is one of our valuable team members working with children and teenagers. She holds a BA degree in English Language and Literature and Turkish Language and Literature and she absolutely loves immersing herself in different cultures and languages. Melina tailors her teaching according to her students’ needs and the playfulness of her inner child that she lets out is only one of the reasons why the youngsters love her. 

With her great sense of humor, compassion and thoughtfulness, Melina is not only a great teacher, but a great teammate too. In her free time, she loves going on hikes, traveling, learning langauges and journaling. However, spending quality time with family and friends is what she cherishes the most.

Amila Selimović – Kavazović

Amila was among the first teachers to arrive at #Bosnian2go. She graduated Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian language from the University of Sarajevo in 2014 and she has been teaching Bosnian as a foreign language ever since.

Amila has the warmest smile, a calming voice and the smart kind of sense of humor that makes you feel like the time spent with her is always a little too short.

Our students are amazed by Amila’s ability to make a class interactive and interesting, yet answer any question that they might have.

Her organizational skills, her punctuality, and her reliability are only some of the reasons why we love her so much, both as a teacher and as a teammate.

Besides teaching, Amila worked as a flight attendant. She is passionate about traveling and embroidery!

Nejra Bučuk

Nejra teaches our adult students, but she also manages our junior team. As a teacher, she will always do her best to help her students and you will definitely see her happy when she notices the progress of her students.

She is in love with literature, photography, and painting. Also, there is not an animal in this world that Nejra does not love. However, she says that she is more of a dog person because of her dog Nala.

Nejra is always positive, organized, generous, and there to help her colleagues.

Emela Fazlić

Emela is a member of our #Bosnian2goJUNIOR team, passionate about teaching children and loves it when her students achieve high goals. She is dedicated, organized, and creative in her classes. Students have loads of fun while making progress. 

Emela graduated from the International University of Sarajevo with a degree in English Language and Literature, and she is currently a master’s student in the same field. She enjoys reading and analyzing literature. She is fluent in Turkish and is trying to learn Arabic.


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