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Bosnian 2GO is a growing school specialized in teaching Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian as a foreign language. The school opened its doors to students in October 2016 and it was founded by Azra Polimac-Bajric, a teacher with over 10 years of experience in teaching BCS as a foreign language, with passion for her job, learning languages, travelling and meeting new people and different cultures.


The aim of our courses is to help our students improve their speaking and understanding skills, as well as to get a better insight in the Bosnian culture and lifestyle. Our final goal is improving the expats’ quality of life in BiH and making their stay in our country an enjoyable and memorable experience. During our courses, #Bosnian2go organizes meet-ups with local people and other expats, as well as tours through Sarajevo and BiH for our students and their friends and family members.


Because we wish to make knowledge available to everyone, we created our pocket size, customizable, lovely flash cards for all those who want to learn some Bosnian language, for need or just for fun. Due to their small size and the metallic ring which can be opened, they are extremely easy to use and carry around attached to your jeans, purse or backpack. Our charming pocket-size flash cards are meant for those who prefer self-studying of phrases to help them get around in BCS speaking countries instead of the traditional learning.

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At Bosnian2Go we offer Bosnian language group or individual classes seven days a week for students of all levels. Private lessons are also available for students with advanced fluency or those with needs in specific areas of improvement. All of our Bosnian lessons are led by certified Bosnian language teachers. Call or email us today to schedule a FREE trial class today!

Simple: We teach you to speak Bosnian language.

Choose Bosnian2Go because we can help you SPEAK Bosnian language.

  • Native fluency, certified Bosnian teachers
  • Small class sizes
  • Affordable Lessons
  • Speaking practice with fluent teachers every class
  • Easy to use learning strategies

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Our school attracts students from all over the world. Even though they come from different linguistics and cultural backgrounds, they all have one thing in common – they enjoy learning Bosnian language with us as much as we love teaching them! Here are their stories:

Barbara, Switzerland

” When I started to learn Bosnian language my goal was to be able to talk to my neighbors in Gornji Velesici. With Bosnian2go, I found the perfect teacher. She adapts all the lessons to my needs. Her language courses do not revolve around grammatical concepts”.

Chris, USA

” I highly recommend Bosnian2go- My teacher is kind and patient with real knowledge, expertise and teaching strategy! And regardless of your level or what you are looking to gain from a BCS course, I think you can find it here. Flexible, adaptable, skilled and honest – what else do you need? :)”

Lea, France

“I started learning Bosnian langage with Bosnian2go last year, and my teacher is one of the reasons I won’t stop learning. Bosnian2go is a perfect way to help you understand the basics, improve while having fun all the time.”

Sigmund, Austria

” Intensivno sam učio bosanski jezik kod Azre. Uvijek sam uživao da učim u grupama bosnian2go. Studenti svi su bili motivirani i posebno naša učiteljica je bila veoma sposobna sa interesantnom didaktikom.”

Sarah, New Zeland

“I love Bosnian2Go! The teachers are warm, friendly and funny. The classes are supportive and individual lessons are very helpful, too. Give it a try – you will love it too!”


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