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Long story short

We have carefully selected our teachers, making sure they are the best in the field and trained to be able to make it fast, easy and fun to learn Bosnian through specialized courses of language and culture meant for different types of learners coming from any language background. Our final goal is to make our students love living in Bosnia and Herzegovina and being able to meet its culture and people by using the local language, both in personal and professional life.

Most of us have taken a high school or college language class, and yet we can barely speak the language at all. At Bosnian2Go, we simplify learning Bosnian language and teach you how to communicate in real life situations. Whether you want to make friends, improve your business opportunities, better serve your customers or patients, or make foreign travel more enjoyable, our classes will properly prepare you. Classes are taught in a simple, straightforward curriculum manner, and are led by native fluency teachers helping you progress rapidly in fun and interactive ways. We provide effective language classes and skills for real life. Don’t sit in another large classroom just taking notes. Learn to SPEAK Bosnian language today!

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Our Team

All of our teachers are trained native Bosnian language teachers, with a degree in Linguistics from the University of Sarajevo. Each of them has lots of experience in teaching Bosnian as a foreign language to students from around the world.

Azra Polimac-Bajrić
Founder of Bosnian2Go

During more than ten years of teaching Bosnian as a foreign language, Azra developed a great passion and love for this amazing job and decided to establish a language school where people from all over the world will come together with the same goal – to learn Bosnian language! Azra established #Bosnian2go in 2015 and has managed the school ever since. She takes a keen interest in the welfare of our students, marketing, and the day-to-day running of our school. Azra is also responsible for placing our students in the correct level class on their first day at the school and choosing the very best teachers for our students.
The door to Azra’s office is always open to former, current and future students.

Elna Kurtović

Elna has worked at #Bosnian2go since we openned our doors in 2015, and has previously worked as a Bosnian language teacher in several language schools and some of the most prestigious universities in the country. Students love her because of her profound knowledge and understanding of the language, as well as her amazing teaching skills, result of years of working in the field. Elna loves art and enjoys talking about it in Bosnian with our advanced learners.

Sumejja Keško

Sumejja has been working for #Bosnian2go since summer of 2016 and since then she has become a valuable member of our team that we cannot imagine our school without. She is in charge of large groups that #Bosnian2go teaches in cooperation with international organizations and universities, as well as individual classes. Students love Sumejja because of her imaginative classes, her flexibility and patience, as well as her ability to adapt her teaching to all types of learners, at any level.

Lejla Smajlović

Being a co-author of our beginners’ and conversational teaching materials, Lejla is an expert in teaching both courses. Her experience in teaching goes years back, and it includes teaching Bosnian, English and Spanish as second languages. Students love her because of her friendly, fun personality that, along with knowledge in linguistics, helped her become the great teacher that she is today.

Amina Bjelopoljak

Amina has the kindest smile and she is the tallest member of our team. Whether she is working with groups or in a one-on-one setting, Amina easily passes her positive energy to her students. She has been with us since 2018. The students like to learn with her because of her ability to pass knowledge in the most fun, creative and simplified manner. Amina is charismatic and extremely patient. Due to her love for photography, she is in charge of our Instagram profile.


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